Marques Akins

“Mind, Heart in Soul”

The world itself is not bad. It's the people in it.

The bitter bite of the forbidden fruit was
the corrupted world's near ending.

I feel confused, and trapped,
countless enemy attacks.
Attacks come in different ways and forms.
I feel mentally, physically trapped in a storm.

The (D) Evil is disguised as an angel:
form of truth, light has people deceived,
thinking wrong things are right.

Inside my Inner soul and heart, I feel all torn and ripped apart. My future looks dim and dark.

The rule of getting all you can out of life is making, putting forth an enormous effort and
getting an early start.

Frustration and pain for me is a daily thing.
A sociologist could study my life and
label me insane.

In my eye you see wildfire, anger,
hatred, and pain.
I try my best to stay focused and my
damndest to maintain.

In this society, you have to watch your decision-making and your step.
Don't nobody really know the true meaning
of life or what's after death.

In this world it's hard to survive.
Which do you think has the
greatest amount in number :

The amount of tears dropped or
amount of people
who died.


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