An Introduction ...

Violence enters our lives daily, sometimes through actual physical confrontations against our own selves or loved ones, but also in subtle ways, through newspapers and television reporting on everything from domestic abuse involving a next door neighbor to violent clashes between warring factions on the other side of the world. The presence of so much violence in our lives affects us deeply and no one group is impacted more than our youth. The shooting of young Kayla Rowland by a 6-year-old at Theo J. Buell Elementary School in Flint a year ago touched the lives of many of our students at Mott Community College. The College is situated in a city which has seen more than its share of hard times. Unemployment, transience, high rates of violent crime, and decaying neighborhoods are offset by access to educational opportunities, cultural resources and local foundation support for innovative ideas to help solve these problems.

The Animating Democracy Initiative Grant Program funded by the C.S. Mott Foundation has given students at the College the opportunity to address the personal impact of gun violence on their lives and their community through the creation of sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints and multimedia graphics. The development of this website by student members of Studio 205, under the direction of Mara Fulmer, results in a wider dissemination of the artistic responses and brings the dialogue to a broader audience.



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