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Interesting Quotes on Gun Ownership and Violence

In an article from Fishing & Hunting News that was distributed as a promotional flyer by The NRA Foundation at its 1997 annual meeting, ammunition and reloading component manufacturer Frank Brownell of Brownell’s stated,
“You always have to bring young people into anything. New blood really helps. The NRA is... plowing new ground for this industry.”


In 1995, Ed Shultz, head of handgun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, stated,
“The problem is not the guns....These people that they call children, in my mind, are little criminals and ought to be held accountable.”


Quotes illustrating the (National Shooting Sports Foundation) NSSF's youth marketing efforts include the following:

“Kids can't buy guns, you say? Well, yes and no. It’s true that most students from kindergarten through high school can't purchase firearms on their own. But it's also true that in many parts of the country, youngsters (from preteens on up) are shooting and hunting. Pop picks up the tab.”


After the Jonesboro massacre, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre wrote in the NRA’s American Rifleman magazine:
“Jonesboro is an aberration. Yet the media and zealots like Sarah Brady have responded with a hateful barrage....In every way, we must stand togetherĐwith one voiceĐand proclaim our unity of purpose to stop the systematic wrecking of our liberty.”

In that same issue of the Rifleman, Hammer wrote,
“We are in an all-out civil war, a cultural war, a political war over who will possess firearms in the next millennium....This war is now sparked by the terrible murders of school children in Jonesboro, Arkansas....But nothing government could ever propose might have prevented two twisted youths from stealing a vehicle, stealing firearms, stealing ammunition, and stealing the lives and futures from classmates and their families. ”


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