hands tied

shoe and blood

Karin Nichols
In memory of Matthew Shepherd

My assignment was to illustrate an article from a magazine and I chose to illustrate a story in which a young man in college was beaten to death by the handle of a pistol.
The reason ... he was gay.
I chose this particular story for many reasons. First and foremost because I am a mother of 3, and the violence within our communities and in our schools scares me to death.
I fear for all our children.
Another reason that I chose this piece was that for me, as an artist,
it presented me with a challenge.
The story conjured up gruesome images that I wasn’t sure I could convey to others,
and indeed, I had to reach deep inside me, to find my dark place,
in order for me to project what I saw in my mind.
I want my illustrations to grab a viewer’s attention, to make the viewer aware
that a horrible crime has been committed.
I want the viewer to know that horrible crimes are still being committed,
that violence is very real and constantly surrounds us.
As I said, I fear for the children, not only mine, but for every parent’s.
o o o

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