Kristy Phillips
Kristy Phillips

My works aren’t just limited to violence with a handgun. They are about abuse of every nature, whether it is physical or emotional, like isolation and negligence.
I chose to focus on doorways because I like the way it handled isolation and uneasiness.
They gave me a feeling of lurking onto a private scene, like children will do
when their parents are arguing.
The piece with the photo negatives is called “Quest Begins.” The articles focus on handgun and physical violence inflicted on juveniles, sometimes by juveniles. The articles are all from and about the Flint area.
The piece (shown above) with the extending wooden frame is entitled “Aftermath.” The painting is about how a child feels when he’s away from everyone, when he’s alone in his room. He can drop his faćade and fell how he wants to. The words on the left are from the song “Father of Mine” by the group Everclear. The lyrics on the right are from the song “Broken Home” by Papa Roach.
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