Basic Itinerary (subject to change)

1. Thursday, June 17th

a. Depart Flint for Detroit via bus
b. Depart DTW airport – Northwest Airlines to LAX
c. Depart LAX airport – Air New Zealand or Air Pacific to Nadi, Fiji

2. Saturday, June 19th

a. Arrive in Nadi, Fiji Islands (around 3:30 am)
b. Depart Nadi for Korolevu via bus
c. Arrive at the Beachouse, Korolevu – around dawn
d. Spend morning R&R at the Beachouse
e. Afternoon orientation
f. Evening – Warwick Hotel – Traditional Firewalking and Meke

3. Sunday, June 20th

a. Option: Church services available for interested travelers –
Catholic or Methodist.
b. Bus to Pacific Harbour (around 8 am)
c. Arrive Dive Connection by 9 am and depart via boat for
Yanuca Island
d. Picnic, snorkeling and optional “intro dive”
e. Return to Beachouse by 5:30-6 pm for dinner

4. Monday, June 21st

a. Bus to Suva – Fiji’s capital
b. Guided Tour of Fiji Museum
c. Lunch in town
d. Visit with US Embassy and staff
e. Handicraft & Fresh Marketplace
f. Group Dinner in town
g. Return to Beachouse

5. Tuesday, June 22nd

a. Bus to Suva
b. Visit with Fiji Visitor’s Bureau, FTIB
c. Lunch in town
d. Visit to Centre for Oceanic Culture and the Arts,
The University of the South Pacific

6. Wednesday, June 23rd – Activities at Beachouse

a. Lovo preparation
b. Morning workshop – traditional pottery techniques
c. Lunch at the beachouse
d. Afternoon – continuation of workshop and free time
e. Evening – Lovo dinner!

7. Thursday, June 24th – Activities at Beachouse

a. Concurrent Workshops – (students can switch morning and afternoon or stay with one topic throughout the day.)

i. Traditional weaving
ii. Traditional Woodcarving (if available)

b. Free time before dinner

8. Friday, June 25th – Activities at Beachouse

a. Morning workshop – Traditional barkcloth techniques
b. Afternoon – continuation of morning workshop and free time
c. Evening – Warwick Hotel – Firewalking & Meke (dance) performance and dinner

9. Saturday, June 26th – Navua River trip

a. Busride to Navua Town
b. Longboat ride up the Navua River
c. Rainforest Waterfall Trek
d. Longboat ride to NaMuaMua Village in time for lunch
e. NaMuaMua village

i. traditional welcoming ceremony
ii. Tour of village
iii. Lunch in village
iv. Craft sale
v. Meke performance
vi. Depart village

f. Bilibili ride downstream part-way
g. Longboat ride to Navua
h. Busride back to Korolevu

10. Sunday, June 27th

a. Option: Church services available for interested travelers –
Catholic or Methodist.
b. Other activities – still to be determined. Possible “quiet” day.

11. Monday, June 28th

a. Sigatoka Sand Dunes tour

i. 5 km (3 mile) hike across demanding sand dunes archaeological site.
ii. Guided by Fiji Museum Archaeologist

b. Lunch in Sigatoka town
c. Shopping time
d. Return to Beachouse for dinner

12. Tuesday, June 29th

a. Pack in morning with final lunch at the Beachouse
b. Depart Beachouse for Nadi
c. Arrive at the Tokatoka Hotel in Nadi
d. Afternoon and evening free for shopping and on own.

13. Wednesday, June 30th

a. Free day, possible activities:

i. Shotover Jet
ii. Orchid Island
iii. Golfing
iv. Shopping

b. Group Dinner at the Tokatoka Hotel

14. Thursday, July 1st

a. Hotel Check out by 8:30 am
b. Depart Nadi via Air New Zealand or Air Pacific in the morning
c. Arrive in LAX in the morning (same day – cross dateline)
d. Depart LAX for Detroit
e. Arrive in Detroit, then busride back to Flint by 11 pm.