Basic Outline of Costs for Mott Students:

$2600.00* Includes: All scheduled activities, airfare, accommodations, land travel, most meals.

(*estimate based upon current pricing and monetary exchange of $0.5979 USD to $1 FJD.)

Mott Students’ Estimated Additional Costs:

$ 250.00 Additional Meals, Tips
$ 300.00 Recommended amount for souvenirs or any “extras” not included above.
$ 65.00 Passport and 4 add’l identical photos
$ 250.00 Rough estimate of Tuition & Fees for MCC, 3 cr./3 ch

Other items that may add costs:

1) Physical Exam, Immunizations
2) Personal items such as clothing, first-aid kit, film & batteries

Possible Funding Sources:

1) Clubs – Fundraising activities
2) CLEF – Campus Life Enrichment Fund (up to $600/person)
3) Foundation for Mott Community College – possible individual grants
4) Outside foundations and business organizations


Be sure to get your application in! Funding will be contingent upon demonstrated student interest!