Why Fiji?

You should really ask: Why NOT Fiji?

This Pacific Island country provides a wonderful and exciting mix of cultural experiences in a very safe but thrilling place so remote as to require more than a day to travel, yet within easy reach to more metropolitan locations in New Zealand or Australia. In addition, the knowledge and contacts that enable Mara Fulmer to organize this trip, also play an important role in creating a truely meaningful experience.

Fiji provides a wonderful blend of the exotic and cosmopolitan. This island nation serves as the economic and diplomatic center of the Pacific basin. Shipping and commerce go through Fiji on their way to other ports of call. Foreign embassies serving Fiji and other island countries are based in Fiji's capital of Suva. Many international NGOs use Fiji as their central location as they implement programs aimed at assisting the development of many "small island developing states."

All the while, many of Fiji's citizens still embrace the lifestyle of the communal village which continues to sustain Fiji's indigenous cultural wealth. The diverse population also includes a large Asian Indian population as well as smaller goups of Chinese, other Pacific Islanders, and folks who look to New Zealand, Australia, and Britain, as their native land. This dynamic mix provides visitors with a culturally energetic experience.

The trip is long but the journey to new understanding is even more dramatic. Students not only are transported via airplane through the looking glass to a world so different from their own. They are transformed by their experiences in a way that only continues to enrich their lives well into the future.


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