...a thesis essay on one graphic designer’s effort
to create ripples of change.

April 2005 • Michigan State University
by Mara Jevera Fulmer

... Imagine two parallel lines. Mathematically, we are taught that two parallel lines are lines that do not intersect. However, add a third dimension, tilt the field, and then two lines that are parallel on one plane can intersect on another. I see these occurrences as opportunities for crossing cultures through parallel lines of understanding. Another way to describe it would be the ripples of water made by a droplet. Each of us is our own drop of water in an ocean. But the ripples will eventually intersect and make change. Sometimes, if done forcefully, it can lead to a deadly tsunami (such as in war). But if done gently, the opportunity for creating change can permeate and spread across the world, one droplet at a time, through the ripples of peaceful yet effective change...

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