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Chaudhry with Grandchild - BBC
Chaudhry walks with Speight - BBC
Leo Smith, Deo Narayan, Bill Aull, Anup Kumar - BBC
Rebel Kulinio Tabua's family mourns - NZH
Nadi/Suva Checkpoint-NZH
Laisenia Qarase
5th July - Injuries mostly in legs, arms - BBC
5th July - Relaxation of Curfew cancelled - BBC
Early Photo of Chaudry inside - Fiji Times
Red Cross under Guard - Fiji Times
Food to Parliament - Fiji Times
Outside Parliament - Fiji Times
Lighthouse Restaurant - Reuters
Outside Parliament - BBC
Soldiers - Australian
Refugees - USP
Refugees 2 - USP
Refugees 3 - USP
Indian Women - SMH
Speight Supporters - BBC
Searching Vehicles- NZH
Inside FijiOne TV- NZH
Sentry - USP
Sentry in the Rain - USP
Chinese Grocer - USP
Barber - USP
Fisherman - USP
Policeman's Funeral - BBC
Long lines for Passports - NZH
Solomon Island rebels-SMH
Military in Fiji - BBC
Gunman - USP
Soldiers on Patrol - BBC
Red Cross Packages - BBC
Terrorizing Suva - NZH
Speight - BBC
Police Officer's family - NZH
FijiTV Inside- FL
FijiTV Outside - FL
GS Supporters - FL
Frank Bainimarama - FL
Road Blocks - FL
Soldier signals - FL
Speight on the Bus
Chiefs meeting - FL
Containers block access - FL
Foreign Spectacle - FL
Armed Soldiers - FL
More Armed Soldiers - FL
Australian Embassy - FL
Adi Ema Released - BBC
Store destruction - FL
Store destruction 2 - FL
Taxi being carjacked - BBC
Speight meets press - USP
Soldiers on Roof - BBC
Soldiers Setting up - BBC
In despair - BBC
USP Students warned
Curfew in Paradise - AFP
Fiji Army Patrols - BBC
Fiji Army Patrols 2 - BBC
Police Vehicle Smashed - BBC
Fiji TV Ransacked - BBC
Rebels take Army tent - AP
Shots Fired - BBC
Shots Fired 2 - BBC
Shots Fired 3 - NZH
Crest Chicken Fire-FijiLive
Fijians Protest in Sydney-BBC
Boomerang Shop 1 - by Pat Craddock
Boomerang Shop 2 - PC
Suva Ruins - PC
Former Upscale Shop - PC
Ironic Banner in Suva - PC
FijiLive- Speight Supporters at Parliament bldg
FL - Fire Indian Shops
FL - Fire Duty Free & Restaurant
FL- Fire Yatu Lau Arcade
Looting in Suva
More Looting in Suva
AP Photos - Looting
Misc. AP Photos
Gunman Warning Not to Take Photos (BBC)
Soldiers at Reserve Bank of Suva (BBC)
Ratu Kamisese Mara
Sitiveni Rabuka


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