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Subject: catching up
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 07:59:59 +1200

Hi all

A quick note before I go off for my daily swim. We are still experiencing
power cuts which makes internet access very difficult because the server
goes down when your own power is on and all sorts of combinations like that.

Some people can only work for a couple of hours a day if they rely on power
as a tool for their work. The village in Monosavu where the hydro power
generation is located are now asking $50 million plus as compensation for
the land - how will the country get that sort of money and how can that sort
of money be justified.

AS you no doubt know GS appeared in court on Saturday to plead guilty to 5
charges. As the news was reported here it seems likely that he may be
granted bail when he next appears on Friday. As the news was reported on the
BBC, it seems that he will be incarcerated for a long time on Nukukau
island. This island is not at all like Robin Island or Alcatraz - it is a
popular short boat trip from Fiji where the swimming and snorkelling are
good, where the indentured Indian labourers were quarantined on their entry
to Fiji and where there is the most basic of accommodation. It does appear
as if the army have made it much more comfortable to live there. GS and his
mates are allowed to have visits from their family 3 times a week. The
families are making such a fuss about letters to their "beloved men flock"
being read by the military and how they have not allowed to bring food to
them. It seems to me that there is no acknowledgement of the hardships and
the degradation that the hostage politicians went through in the 8 - 9 weeks
of captivity.

a friend


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