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By Ashwant Dwivedi
SUVA: Fiji's international carrier Air Pacific says that it would not
send workers home in its effort to cut cost.
However in an internal staff notice airlines managing director and chief
executive Michael McQuay confirmed that 75 airlines employees have
volunteered for leave without pay.
McQuay confirms this to his staff in a one-page notice making claims
that 75 airlines employees going on volunteer leave has been a
significant contributor to its (airlines) cost control.
He said he had taken the opportunity in briefing the board on action
the airline had taken to ensure its "survivability".
"The board is supporting the direction we are taking", McQuay said in
the staff notice.
He added that there was understandable concern relative to expense
control as airline revenue continued to be "soft".
"We will be working with the different governments to seek modification
of their respective travel advisories as these advisories are modified
and we will implement our industry recovery plan,Ó McQuay said.
He said that this recovery plan has been constructed with the
co-operation of all interested travel industry partners in Fiji.
Air Pacific intends to initiate fare initiatives designed to invigorate
market driving interest back to Fiji.
"Simultaneous with that, we will embark on a public relations campaign
designed to bring our valued customers back," McQuay said.
He confirmed that Air Pacific would continue to fly a reduced level of
activity until some positive growth in the booking took place.
McQuay said the airline would continue to closely monitor its expenses.
We will continue to solicit volunteers for leave without pay but
contrary to the gossip channel .
"I donÕt plan any lay offs at this time", McQuay said.
A reliable airline staff told Prabhaat News that more staff were
intending to go on leave without pay.
"But the re-opening of our routes to Japan might help the airline pick
its lost business in the past months," the senior staff said.
Air Pacific is expected to fly to Japan next month.

Title -- 2906 FIJI: Air Pacific plans no lay-offs
Date -- 18 August 2000
Byline -- None
Origin -- Pasifik Nius
Source -- Prabhaat News,, 17/8/00
Copyright -- PN
Status -- Unabridged


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