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SUVA: The University of the South Pacific Students Association yesterday
categorically denied recent media reports saying the Laucala campus was
no longer safe.
In a statement, the USPSA said it was "moving to resolve the impasse and
any outside interference will only worsen the situation".
University acting information officer Hamidan Bibi yesterday said the
media reports had been "over-sensationalised and paint a false picture
of the USP campus".
She said that "it appears that some students and staff have used the
media to air their concerns rather than using the internal complaint
procedures of the university".
"This is unfortunate as it fosters mistrust and apprehension in the
university community with a flow-on effect to parents and sponsors."
The USPSA assured students that the situation on campus was normal and
that security was intact.
Bibi said the campus security system had been the subject of constant
daily attention, particularly since the events of May 19.
This involved close consultations with the USP chief security officer
and his staff, staff and administration and law enforcement agencies.
She said the university had proper procedures to deal with anyone
breaching its regulations.

Title -- 2925 FIJI: USP students deny campus 'terror'
Date -- 25 August 2000
Byline -- Nazreen Bibi
Origin -- Pasifik Nius
Source -- PN/Daily Post, 25/8/00
Copyright -- DP
Status -- Unabridged


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