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By Matelita Ragogo
Editor of Wansolwara
USP Journalism Programme

SUVA: University of the South Pacific authorities today fined student
leader Veresi Bainivualiku $150 for "manhandling" an Indo-Fijian student
in an incident which has shaken the campus for the past week.
Bainivualiku told Pacific Journalism Online outside the Communications
Building after the ruling by the discipline committee that he was
He described the offence as "an isolated incident."
But he accused "some lecturers'' of instigating moves to remove him as
president of the USP Students Association (USPSA) through the affiliated
Indian Students Association.
Bainivualiku said he had been informed by an ISA executive member that
Indo-Fijian lecturers had approached them asking them to take a "more
proactive stand" on Bainivualiku's case.
Bainivualiku had manhandled the Indo-Fijian last Friday outside the
university library in the full view of academic staff and students.
The incident prompted a letter from the USP Staff Association president,
Dr Biman Chand, calling for Bainivualiku's expulsion.
Bainivualiku had been barred from campus for the past week until today's
"I am relieved but disappointed that the administration allowed the
matter to reach this stage. They did not cut out the involvement of
lecturers when they should have," Bainivualiku said.
"There has been propaganda against me since I came into office."
Bainivualiku said the "fiasco" began when he organised protests within
campus against a recommendation by a university select committee for the
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dr Rajesh Chandra, to become the next
vice-chancellor in February.
"My record at university speaks on its own - if I was racist, the
protest we organised could have been worse,'' Bainivualiku said.
"Some lecturers had asked me to ensure that Fijian students would look
out for their Indo-Fijian colleagues and that is what I told Fijian
students in the dining room and in our meetings.''
Bainivualiku did not want to name the lecturers allegedly involved,
preferring to await an answer to his complaint lodged with
Vice-Chancellor Esekia Solofa's office on Thursday.
He also expressed his disappointment at development studies Professor Dr
Vijay Naidu's reported comments on a Radio Australia interview last
night accusing him of being racist.
In his letter to Solofa, Bainivualiku expressed his concern that the
involvement of lecturers, continuous claims of lack of security on
campus and irresponsible comments like that of Dr Naidu would only
create fear.
"It is all right for them to make such comments because when fear forces
the closure of this university, the students will suffer. These
lecturers can and will find jobs elsewhere,'' Bainivualiku said.
Bainivualiku's hearing lasted three hours and included three witnesses.
Fijian Students Association president Jone Fifita said the students were
happy with the verdict.

Title -- 2926 FIJI: USP student leader fined $150 for 'manhandling'
Date -- 25 August 2000
Byline -- Matelita Ragogo
Origin -- Pasifik Nius
Source -- USP Journalism programme, 25/8/00
Copyright -- USP Journalism
Status -- Unabridged


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