Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 09:43:47 +1200

Mara- this is what I sent yesterday

Hi Mara
Yes he [Kulinio Tabua] did die in hospital on Sat night. He was a 24 yr old villager who was
in GS revel group. He was shot in the leg and, according to our sources, his
blood would not clot. the other side of the story is that there are many
young guys, 8 yrs old and upwards who are "training" to be soldiers in GS
parliament group. MAny are bare foot and they look like a rabble.

... [A] neigbour had a photo on his wall of his 2 sons, one 11 and the other 14 years old.
They, the parents, were really proud that these 2 boys were inside the
parliament complex learning to be "soldiers'. However, the photo has not
been taken down apparently as it appeared that other people were shocked to
see the photo of these 2 boys. ...wonder how someone
who could afford to rent a house [in resort area], so must be well off, and who
presumably had a good income and maybe well educated, could allow his sons
to be part of a terrorist group. Of course they do not see it like that. To
them it is part of getting full indigenous eights.

The accord has been signed, We wait until Thursday to make sure that the
hostages are set free and are in reasonable physical condition. GS on the
radio this morning said that the GCC would nominate Ratu Iliolo (the Tui
Vuda) as the President. I ask, what powers and knowledge does GS have to say
who the GCC will nominate?

Mara, I do not see this signing as a good thing for Fiji. I think it will
breed rampant and hostile racism and probably massive corruption if, the
rumours that are going around have any vestige of truth.

a friend


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