Email from a friend
Subject: us in Suva
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 08:23:09 +1200

Hi Mara

How are we doing - I don't know really - it is difficult to put labels and
words to the swings of emotions. I am feeling much calmer personally but I
am much more cautious when I go shopping, especially down by the market
which is often working in near darkness.

I buy only from Indian stall keepers and I think that there is enough people
around to prevent anything serious happening. I am very careful about where
I travel on the road too. I usually go to St Christophers...yesterday the thugs
left the parliament complex and set up their camp at the Kalabo Fijian School
in Valelevu where they will continue with their criminal activities. (this is close
to the vehicle testing station and the New World supermarket.) They stole food
from the roadside markets on their way and they blocked the King's highway
at the bridge in Laqeri. (? 9 or 12 mile) I will assess the situation before
I go out to St Chris tomorrow as that journey takes me just 3 km short of Nausori.
I have heard that the Bayley Clinic and Save the Children fund who are
located in a building on Rodwell Rd just past that ol grotty theatre have
people coming in with guns demanding money and food etc. They have to work
behind their iron gates.

I still get very angry when I hear what that guy and his thugs are doing and
when I now know that the army and the police are incompetent and very
divided. Imagine an army taking back commissioned officers who held up
hostages from the elected govt for 8 weeks and then are welcomed back to
their "real work" on full pay!!!!!! It is information like that on which my
anger is fed.

Peni Moore is doing amazing things in liasing between escaped
prisoners and the Commissioner for Prisons. She is the one person who lives
and acts out her stroing human rights perspective. Homosexuals are once
again under scrutiny as their human rights have been denied under on of the
new decrees. She is fighting on that issues too. Some amazing woman who
needs to be recognised internationnlay for her work - and she does it on
absolutley NO MONEY.
That is enough from me.
a friend


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