Email to a friend - a crystal ball
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 19:50:51 -0400
From: "Mara J. Fulmer" <>
Organization: Looking Glass Design
To: friend

Dear friend,
I thought of writing a piece that would attempt to "predict" the future
based on current information. Hardly a day goes by without someone
asking me what I think will happen there. At least I've raised the
consciousness of the Flint population on the subject of some obscure
South Pacific islands. Folks here know our relationship to this island
group and find a certain pride in knowing someone with a connection to
there. But back to the "futures" piece.

My crystal ball tells me much of what you already have said. And that is
this: there will be another coup. And possibly another after that. My
gut feeling? My guts aren't in Fiji, so it is based on my past
experience and reading into the news reports (not always taking the
information at face value) and attempting to see what is really
underneath it all. So my gut tells me this: It will be a new year in
this millenium before peace can be called home in Fiji. There will need
to be felt the strong disapproval by outside nations, the international
humiliation from being kept out of sporting events, one after another.
Of being shunned by international government agencies, of feeling the
effects of losing foreign aid money. Of being hardly an asterisk in the
travel plans of many who will overfly Fiji on their way to the Sydney
Olympics and back again. To feel the humiliation and pain of lost
tourist dollars when Tonga or the Cooks announces record arrivals. To
feel the hunger from foreign imports being priced beyond the reach of
all but the most elite, as if that wasn't already an issue before. Now
it will affect many of the everyday items, as it already has begun to
with petrol and tea. A sort of Boston tea party will need to occur. A
revolt against the revolt in order to swing the pendulum the other way.
And I don't see it happening anytime soon. The full affect of George
Speight, his rebel followers, and the opportunists who took advantage
afterward, has yet to be felt. Months will still need to go by and the
deepening plunge into paraiah statehood will finally be felt. But
probably not until Christmas or just after. During the depths of cyclone
season, the hot and humid dog days of Suva will finally make the
sleeping dog of public conscience wake up and growl.
I just hope it bites Speight in the ass... hard.

all our love,


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