An Exchange of Information?
A Letter to Readers

Dear Readers,

In developing this website, I had hoped to create a forum for the exchange of information, to provide insight to those outside Fiji who are deeply concerned for friends and family back in Fiji, and for those in Fiji to see some news from outside. It was not meant, in anyway, to endanger the lives of those who have been so brave as to share their thoughts on the activities there while facing the crisis upfront.

Material received that appeared to be sent to a larger mailing list was shared with the readers of this site. However, only when requested, have I hid the identity of the writer and attempted to remove identifying comments from their letters. And in one case, a pseudonym was requested as well. Others seemed bold enough to be relatively unconcerned about whether their name appeared or not. But still others seemed wrapped up in the idea that they have a story to sell and don't wish to see it disseminated for free.

Someday, I'm sure, at least a few of the people there will attempt to write a book on recent events. In the context of hindsight, I'm sure it will make an excellent read. But in the context of the many stories, both personal and professional that I've highlighted on this site, I think they all become part of a collective story.

This website is not being done for profit. It is online to provide you with the various stories that make up the whole of the crisis in Fiji.

I hope that you will agree. And if you don't, I offer my apologies for any offence. Though I am here in the USA and not facing the same pain, I have a great deal at risk in Fiji as well. And I do not want to see my friends and "family" suffer so for the gains of a few.

Most Sincerely,

Mara J. Fulmer
June 2, 2000





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