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File: OTHERS/SHITS/2000-06-10
To: All peoples in foreign counties of the world and beyond
From: George McSpeight
CC: President Designate Rambuka, Chief Chef and new -Ah. Hah Finance Minister

Dearest Friends

I am deeply concerned about the indigenous Fijians born in your country or who migrated and are being forcibly kept by colonial control methods by offering them voting rights, legal protection, housing, education for their children, health care and money to work in the dark satanic mills of the white people. My present understanding is that three countries in particular -Australia, New Zealand and the USA are engaged in this despicable behaviour.

I have been given proof that the minds of my indigenous people are being corrupted by these decadent practices of money. I assure the citizens of Fiji that I have no intention at all of corrupting them with money in any shape or form. I ask each indigenous Fijian, to renounce the wealth of corrupting foreigners. Please forward a cheque of your ill-gotten money made out to G.Speight, half-caste of Fiji. On the back, write clearly "pay cash" and then sign it so that it does not go into the hands of the others.

My dear friends, myself and other people are defending ourselves in the parliamentary complex in Suva, against the hostile actions of the Army and terror being inflicted on us by the Vulagi Indian shopkeepers. Many of these Vulagi owned the vast shops of central Suva and deliberately burned and wrecked the supplies of food, clothing and other items belonging to the indigenous people. At this present moment some three weeks after the Liberation Indigenous Event (LIE) of 19 May, my people are still being denied food and clothing by these evil people who are putting new iron bars on their shop fronts to keep out my hardworking men, women and children.

You will also know that many members of our beloved army working for the United Nations in the Middle East, have been contaminated by association with the Zionist-Indo conspiracy which reaches throughout the world to pollute the minds of our soldiers. Fortunately, a few elite officers resisted the colonial cancer have joined me in my philosophy of finding a permanent solution of the joint Indo-Jewish problem which includes dealing with the smelling bodies of people who call themselves Parliamentarians and citizens of the Vanua. At the moment our only protection against this outrage to our indigenous cause are a few small weapons and the deep lover of all the true citizens of Fiji.

I call upon you all - the very rich, the greedy and the ignorant to to support me in the name of my noble cause and my need to cover my bankrupty. When I am Prime Minister I will reward each of you with a prize from my pyramid of gold and surplus funds from the government treasury.

God bless you all

George Speight



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