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Shopowners rush for looted goods
Thursday, June 15, 2000

IT was a scene almost reminiscent of the May 19 looting. But this time it
was the shopkeepers clamouring for looted goods they believed belonged
to them. "This looting is more worse than the one that happened on
Friday," said a Suva businessman at the Police Academy in Nasova.

He even claimed that some groceries shop owners were claiming clothing
items. He said that some were claiming goods even though their shops
were not looted. Businessmen whose shops burnt down were also there to
claim their goods.

There were also fights among some shouting "this is mine" and the others
saying "no, this is mine" as they found it hard to distinguish their stolen
items. Many found their items, Kokila's Fashions recovered at least $2,000
worth of mainly clothing items.

A sale representative at Kokila's Fashions said they recognised their items
because of price tags. While some found their belongings, others found
nothing. Khan's Watch Repair lost $55,000 on May 19 and were not able
to retrieve any of their stolen items. Police spokesperson Inspector Sera
Bernard said police could not put a cost to the recovered goods as there
was just too many.

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