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Terror seven jailed
Friday, June 16, 2000

SEVEN men who terrorised a farmer in Baulevu last month and walked
way with $1000 cash and $4111 worth of items were yesterday jailed for
two years each.

The men aged between 17 and 32, all from Nacoika Village in Naitasiri,
pleaded guilty to one count of robbery with violence each. Kaveni Moceka,
32, Tomasi Nasoga, 26, Wakuila Vakadronu, 25, Solomone Koroi, 25,
Emori Naqova, 21, Atunaisa Waqa, 19 and Mateyawa Kiiin, 17, appeared
before magistrate Jitend Singh in the Suva Court.

As they were escorted into the police vehicle to be taken to Rorovou Prison,
several women from Nacoikia wept. A policeman said they were the
relatives, wives and mothers of the seven men.

Magistrate Singh said though some of the stolen items have been recovered
by the police, the offence was serious and warranted a custodial sentence.
In mitigation defence lawyer Josaia Waqavolavola said the court should
take into consideration the accused's guilty plea and that most of them are
first offenders.

Prosecutor Sergeant Muni Deo told the court that at 5pm on May 26, the
men approached farmer Keshwan Khrishna at his home at Baulevu and
demanded money. Mr Khrishna gave them $900, but the men demanded
more so he asked the neighbour for $100.

Sergeant Deo said Mr Khrishna did not tell his neighbour about the thugs.
He said the men also took gold chains, a watch, a video deck and other
items from the house. The court heard that Naqova took Mr Khrishna's
hunting rifle, ammunitions and threatened to shoot him.

Naqova was charged for possession of a firearm without a license and was
sentenced to six months, to be served concurrent to the two- year sentence.

Sergeant Deo said police arrested five of the men on June 1, while the other
two surrendered to police. The rifle and ammunition were recovered at Vunimono.

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