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Union boss detained
Friday, June 16, 2000

Fiji Trade Unions Congress general secretary Felix Anthony has been
detained by the Fiji Military Force in the West.

The Military spokesperson in the West Captain Haward Politini says
Anthony is being questioned about his role in discouraging union members
from harvesting and crushing cane.

It is understood Anthony was on his way to speak to the mill workers when
he was taken in by the military.

They have advised union leader against organising meetings as it
contravenes Decree number 4 which states gatherings are not allowed
during martial law.

About 500 mill workers have walked off their job at the Rarawai mill this
morning because of insufficient cane. Satendra Singh of the Fiji Sugar
Clerks, Supervisors and Millers Association says all crushing has stopped.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross received a cheque from Australian Foreign
Affairs Minister Alexander Downer this morning.

This was confirmed by the Red Cross director John Scott. He declined
from mentioning how much has been handed over.

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) delegation starts
meeting political parties and religious groups this hour at the Boron House.

They meet with the GCC chairman Sitiveni Rabuka at 11 am this morning
and Chief Justice Sir Timoci Tuivaga half an hour later.

CMAG will then meet with the head of the Interim Military Government
Commodore Frank Bainimarama and the Military Council at 3.30pm
today. They are expected to leave Fiji this evening.

Note from MJF: It was reported from another news source that Anthony was released about an hour after being detained.


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