Rumours and Division...
Subject: Fiji - again
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 19:41:15 +1200
From: Patrick Craddock <>

Today has been very tense with rumours abounding and a lot of division among
peoples. There have been some dreadful things happening, the PM being
dragged onto the lawn of parliament house with a gun held at his head,
groups of young men assembling outside the gates supporting the rebels, and
many false news items that have been specifically designed to create mayhem
and discord. Tomorrow will be a very hard day. The Great Council of Chiefs
are meeting and they have to come to some decisions. I expect that it will
be a long, tiring meeting as the chiefs are divided in their loyalties.
There are a number who are supporting the rebels and a number who are very
definitely on the side of the democratically elected government.
People are starting to show signs of stress and exhaustion, ourselves
included. I spent this morning queuing up in various shops trying to buy a
few basic items for various families who do not have transport and who do
not have money as many did not get their wages on Friday. The coup and the
stress really is the test of relationships and friendships.
at the USP, may newly appointed staff are not taking up their positions and
there have already been a number who have resigned and left the country. We
have not even talked or thought about this for ourselves. And we will not
until their has been some resolution if it is in the near future. Already
there are signs of economic downturn.



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