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Subject: Wed evening
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 06:51:52 +1200
From: Patrick Craddock

a little girl I know had her 11th birthday today. she was lamenting the fact
that she could not have her friends around at a party. that is one of the
realities of the coup. there are many groups of men walking about, but very
few women and children. This afternoon it started to rain really hard. all
of the people I talk to are delighted as it might get all the Speight
supporters out of the parliamentary grounds. they hope that it will rain
even harder and be accompanied by more thunder and lightening (most Fijians
are scared of lightening). That is the mood of many people.

tonight on TV we saw a press conference given by Don McKinnon and Sergeo de
Mello. They were very impressive and were very straight in saying that Fiji
would suffered gave examples of what could happen if the constitution were
not followed. they talked with the captives and with Speight and were going
to meet with the Great council of Chiefs. They were very clear that they
were not there to mediate a solution but were there to listen and to tell of
some of the consequences.

They also said that Speights demands could all be
met through the constitution. I have never seen Mckinnon being so forthright
and decisive in his speaking. It seems that the role of Secretary General
suits him very well. He was a joy to listen to and to watch. (I never
thought that I would say those sorts of things about him). Fiji adopted a
new constitution in 1997 which came into force in July 1998. It is one of
the fairest and best constitution in the world according to international
leaders. Human Rights in the constitution are well spelt out.


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