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Subject: Latest news in Banana Republic
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 07:11:53 +1200

Dear Mara
The Great Council of Chiefs Meeting closed last night and after much discussion, disagreement and with the added pressure of the guns up at Parliament Buildings,it was decided that the GCC wouldstill support thePresident but that an interim government would be put together by the President (of which some of Speights gang would be considered) and that they would be pardoned (this decision being based on a mixture of the observation of traditional protocols and the fact that some of the Chiefs (Rewa, Cakaudrove, Naitasiri, Bau) support Speights actions. Speight has rejected this, despite excessive compromise.

I am exhausted and disheartened. The city remains closed apart from a few restaurants and cafes which survived the destruction, food shortages are on the agenda, and most businesses are moving towards only accepting cash rather than credit (which for the business sector is pretty unmanageable). Driving through the city is like driving through a war zone. All the beautiful new shops and cafes which have sprung up over the past two years are now boarded up with corrugated iron and plyboard.

.... Oh well, another day in Banana Republic and we wait with baited breath to hear what the powers that be have in store for us...
Yours, severely frustrated and impatient,


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