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Subject: intermittent news
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 13:57:01 +1200
From: Patrick Craddock

Just to let you know that email contact is intermittent for us, at home and at the USP so we are delighted when it goes through. We have
been hearing from a number of people that Phil Goff is talking civil war and he is alarming many people. It does not seem to be like that
for us here. We are coping with enough without him sending alarmist messages to you. What we do know is that some of Speights men
have been held at the Central Police station and "roughed" up a bit. As to the state of Mahendra Chaudry and the other hostages, we do
not know.


Subject: coup and USP Censorship
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 13:37:57 +1200

Hello - the USP Journalism site has been closed down by the Vice Chancellor on the grounds that threats were issued. He declines to say
who gave the the threats....


Subject: Safe, sort of, in Suva
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 07:47:00 +1200

Thanks for all the emails and the support and wanting to look after us.
Things change fast here. We did not know about the curfew or the evacuation from the NZ High Commissions (they had been based in
Nadi since Friday) until about 5.15pm on Monday evening and the curfew was supposed to start at 6.00pm. But this is Fiji and funny
things happen. We had a friend with us at the time of the announcement and she was going to have dinner with us. However, we had to
make her a "takeaway" and drive her home before we got caught on the streets. At about 7.15 pm we heard that the curfew was delayed
until 8.00pm to enable all people to get home because of the short notice. As we knew one person working at the USP did not hear
about the deadline unil it had passed, with the change we phoned him and offered to drive him home - fast!!. He accepted and we took
the car out (to the astonishment of the people living in the small apartments at the back of ours) and drove to the USP convincing army
personnel on the way that the curfew had been delayed until 8.00pm. Talk about using all your effective methods of communication
skills. After passing through 3 of these road blocks we got to the USP, picked him up and then only had to go through one more, using
the same communication strategies and skills, to get him home and then back to our home. It was a very fast drive except for when we
got close to road blocks. The army road block close to us were much more relaxed about letting us in. This morning we woke to the news
that the 48 hour curfew that was imposed had been lifted at 7.00 am this morning but will be imposed again tonight.
Well, for the first time since the thugs went into parliament we had a reasonable nights sleep.

HOWEVER we do not know what will happen next. We will take each day as it comes. Our house is safe and we are probably in much less danger than many other people. We know that we will have to keep ourselves out of danger spots and we will not do anything to put ourselves into areas where it is likely to be dangerous.

Today I intend to work in the garden - a bit of physical, mental and emotional therapy (much needed).




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