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This e-zine is a series of podcasts and accompanying text created to augment the understanding of basic concepts, tools, and techniques for beginning graphic design students. Originally envisioned as simply podcasts for use by students in the graphic design program at C.S. Mott Community College, faculty members Mara Jevera Fulmer and James W. Shurter decided to expand the podcasts’ availability by publishing them as part of this e-zine, thereby enabling easier access to a wider audience.

Why Podcasts?

Faced with the challenge of engaging millennial/post millennial students whose attention spans seems entirely stretched by a media haze of YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, etc., Fulmer and Shurter decided to fight fire with media fire. They applied for a Mott Faculty Innovation Award to produce a series of podcasts that would provide brief lessons on the basics of graphic design. Why not? they asked... If today’s students love to multitask, if they’re attention spans are constantly clipped short, and if they love the idea of being able to time-shift and replay programming through TiVo and DVR’s, then why not offer some lessons that reinforce the basics that seem to slip through the swiss cheese holes of these attention deficit-challenged students!

No Replacement for the Classroom

By no means is this material meant to replace the lecture, dialogue, exchange of ideas, critiques, studio experience, etc. that occurs in the classroom studio. But more often recently, we have come to determine that the pattern of learning is shifting. And we have to shift with it.

Rather than look at this as a way of coddling students by providing you with extra simple learning materials, and rather than replace the act of taking notes (god forbid that anyone still picks up a pencil, really!), this effort can be seen as a way of making the professor’s job more efficient! After all, how many faculty find themselves losing patience when one after another student doesn’t seem to recall some simple concept from semester one? And how many students fear appearing “stupid” if they ask a simple question about something they realize they should know but are too embarrassed to admit they can’t remember it? Here it is! The replayable podcast or re-readable e-zine! Think of it as having those pesky little details available as graphic design lessons on-the-go!

How often do we publish?

Our initial plans are to produce about four “issues” in the first year, containing a total of about 15-20 podcasts/articles, and then make them available to students at Mott on an annual CD-ROM upon their request. The regularity of these will be somewhat undetermined since we’ll be fitting these around our regular teaching and professional activities.

Are you interested in contributing? Is there a subject we should have on our editorial schedule? We are also interested in submissions from those of you out there who have an idea for a podcast that you’d like to do, or think we need to publish. Be sure to contact the publisher to share your contribution ideas, or just to share your comments.

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main contributors

James W. Shurter, Instructor
Mara Jevera Fulmer, Associate Professor & Program Coordinator

Graphic Design faculty for
C.S. Mott Community College
Visual Arts & Design Center

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Mara Jevera Fulmer

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Publishing frequency


annual CD-ROM

available upon request.

contact: mara.fulmer@esmail.mcc.edu

Mara is the program coordinator and associate professor in graphic design at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan. She holds has an MFA in Studio Art/Graphic Design from Michigan State University, an MA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University, and a BA in Photography and Journalism from the University at Albany/SUNY.

Prior to coming to Michigan, Mara served as Art Director/Senior Graphic Artist and Senior Photographer for the University of the South Pacific’s Media Center, located in Suva, Fiji, from 1991-1997. Earlier, she was Art Director for the University at Albany’s Educational Communications Center, and had also worked in magazine and newspaper publishing. Her consulting work includes clients in the USA and abroad. She is a Fulbright Senior Specialist Roster candidate.

As an artist/educator/scholar, Mara’s work focuses on cross-cultural communications, indigenous art, and art and design as catalysts for social and community action. Her work spans all media from print and web to book arts, video and installations, with exhibitions around the USA, as well as Australia and Fiji.


James Shurter is a full-time instructor at Mott Community College, were he teaches courses in graphic design. He holds a BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Michigan - Flint, and an Associates in Applied Science in Graphic Design from Mott Community College. He is currently completing his MFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design at Michigan State University.