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Graphic Design requires today’s students to develop art and design studio skills, creative thinking, and advanced technology. But quite often the basic details of it all can get lost in the fray.

This site includes video podcasts, as well as an e-zine text and image version, covering basic subjects that all students of graphic design should know but quote often forget. So now you can have them at your fingertips to review again and again at your leisure!


Current Issue: 2008-02

The Anatomy of Type Design
Ezine (Text & Image)    • Podcast (Video/Audio)

Ever wonder what the different parts of letterforms are called? Need to be able to communicate intelligently with your fellow graphic designers about type? This issue of Graphic Tips for Students addresses the Anatomy of Type and other related issues. Read on or view the video podcasts. Who knows? Soon you’ll know the difference between a bowl and a stem, a counter and serif!

Table of Contents: Issue 2008-02

  1. 1)The Anatomy of a Typeface: Part I
    Ezine (Text & Image)
    Podcast (Video/Audio)

  2. 2)The Anatomy of a Typeface: Part II
    Ezine (Text & Image)
    Podcast (Video/Audio)

    ...Also, coming soon!

  3. 3)The Page and the Grid

  4. 4)When is Type Justified?

Remember the basics?

ISSN 1941-5117

Issue #2008-02

Current Issue

Issue #2008-02

  1. The Anatomy of Type Design

  2. •  The Anatomy of a Typeface:
       Part I
    E-zine | Video

  3. •  The Anatomy of a Typeface:
       Part II

      E-zine | Video

Previous Issue

Issue #2008-01

  1. Type and the Art of
    Measuring Design

  2. • What are points & picas? 
       E-zine | Video

  3. • When is type like a fence?
      E-zine | Video

  4. • When do letter pairs act friendly?
      E-zine | Video

  5. • How is type measured?
      E-zine | Video


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