Wansolwara News

Vol. 5 No. 2
June 2000

WHILE most USP students went home after FijiÕs attempted coup on May 19, the Journalism students stayed back to work on Wansolwara and the Pacific Journalism Online website. On May 29, university authorities pulled the plug on the website. Here is some of the feedback that we received from all over the world that we would like to share with our readers.

YOUR coverage of the coup is simply phenomenonal ...Thanks for doing the international community this tremendous service. All your journalists need to be commended and they have certainly reached the pinnacle of their training. Great work guys!

James Kirioawa, New Zealand


I HAVE been following the Fiji coup news from a number of European, British and Australian newspaper websites which are very biased. The news from the Wansolwara team is more balanced and unbiased on the coup incident. Thank you!

Jesse Dick Joe, Institute of Education, University of London, UK


ITÕS GOOD to see you online as news of the coup reaching Europe is vague and one-sided, keep up with the good journalism! Peace and justice to all sisters and brothers fighting for equality and democracy!! In solidarity,

Gretchen Heilman, United Kingdom


YOUR COVERAGE (of the coup) is the best and most consistent of all the media outlets in Fiji. You are showing the professionals the way. Keep up the good work, it could not be more important.

Mohamed Ali Williams, Fiji


CONGRATULATIONS to all the journalists working out of USP. When the heat is on, USP journalism lecturers and students are providing a valuable service to free speech and democracy. Many journos here at the ABC in Australia are using this site, and others, for the breaking news on the coup attempt. Well done Ñ keep it up!

Peter Cronau Sydney, Australia


I AM reading all of your articles: you are giving on-the-scene reporting that I cannot find in the standard press.

Steve Bernheim, USA


YOUR coverage of the coup is great. Nice to know that while some USP students are enjoying their time off school, you guys are working hard trying to keep us up informed on the latest happenings. Loved the pictures. Keep up the great work guys!

Vilisite Tamani, Fiji


CONGRATULATIONS on an excellent website. We are watching developments in Fiji and the rest of the Pacific via your link. Keep up the good work.

Dr Helen Papuni, New Zealand


YOUÕRE doing a splendid job. I just want to register my thanks to all the hard working up-coming journalists of the South Pacific for the coverage of the situation in Suva. Vinaka vaka Levu

Melchior Mataki, Solomon Islands


MY CONGRATULATIONS to the journalism students for the coverage of the Fiji Crisis. What a training ground, and what an excellent omen for the fearless journos of the future. Best wishes,

Lisa Williams, New Caledonia.


IT IS disappointing to see whats happening in Fiji as itÕs been a model country on economic developments to the island nations of the Pacific. There is much to learn from this so we the neighbours donÕt find ourselves on the same path in the not too distance future. And for the excellent reporting, keep it up and stay safe.

Ben Taufua, New Zealand


WHILE we are deeply saddened in NZ by the political crisis in Fiji, we must extend our congratulations to the Fiji media Ñ Wansolwara students who braved uncertain conditions to provide excellent photo coverage of the events, even when Telecom lines were down. The devastation of Fiji TV is tragic but donÕt let that put you off your duty to keep letting the outide world know what is going on. On a personal level, I was so proud to see the bylines of Wansolwara students on articles and photos going out to the world. Keep up the good work. God Bless and all the best to you all with what may prove to be your most challenging work.

Ingrid Leary, New Zealand

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