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Looking Glass Design is an online Art & Design portfolio and consultancy featuring the work of Mara Jevera Fulmer and associated artists. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your design project or commissioned art work.





This symbol above was designed in response to the 9-11 tragedies that overtook our nation in 2001. Click here to see the variations and to download your own copy. I ask only that you not use it for personal profit, but instead welcome the opportunity to honor the memory of the victims of 9-11.


Welcome to Mara's art & design sandbox!

Sometimes I feel just like Alice in Through the Looking Glass. All the while our world seems to get smaller and smaller as the great web of internet and email communications brings the people of the world together in an often upside down inside out world.

When I first began this website "way back" in 1997, the world seemed to be getting smaller all the time. Now, it is even more connected, more complex and more dependent upon effective design. The breeze that blows across one shore creates a storm on another. Cross-cultural understanding is now an asset that no one in the world can afford to do without. The willingness to examine issues from different cultural perspectives is now as important as ever for successful communication in a global society.

I created this website to focus on art, writing, and graphic design (a.k.a. visual communications) while addressing the cross-over issues in these arenas. This website has grown in a very natural way, reflecting the interests and activities of the author and principal consultant, Mara Jevera Fulmer.

I hope you'll explore this website and find the range of work stimulating and inspiring. If you're interested in contacting me about this work or to create new work (design AND creative art), feel free to get in touch. I'm always interested in exploring new challenges and new avenues of design and creative art. ~ Mara Jevera Fulmer

All in the Family
The artists I work with have expanded to include my own family members including two talented daughters who have ecome artists in their own right - Anastassia Maia Fulmer
Sarah Elysia Fulmer

as well as an expecially
skilled woodworker artisan husband ~ Keith Fulmer.
Read more here.

Recent News
Design work has been occupying much of my time outside of teaching. News includes a Comicbook produced in seven languages for the international organization Respect Refugiados, named a BEST Project Consultant. Been active in the AIGA Design Educators Community and the Designers Accord Summit. A full cv is available here in PDF format.

More about this consultant
Specializing in cross-cultural visual communicatins in any media! Artwork explores the layers of meaning in visual narrative. I'm an artist, writer, and educator who explores the range of possibilities that this rapidly changing technological environment provides. Read more.